3am dinner

Fruit is a classic no-time-for-breakfast breakfast; but fruit can't really satisfy your early morning need for energy by itself. Thankfully, though, Mother Nature crafted the apple as a sturdy breakfast carrying-case that can be filled with all sorts of hunger-beating ingredients. Try the recipe below and then use whatever else you like to change it up.

1 large apple
plain or flavored yogurt
breakfast cereal/granola

1. Core the apple. To do this, set it down on a cutting board right-side up, and plunge a knife through it from top to bottom, somewhere near the center. Then cut around in a circle until the center slides out. For the purpose of this recipe, cutting a wider hole in the center is better, and that makes it easier and quicker to do.

2. Slice off about a half inch from the bottom end of the core. This'll be the cap at the bottom of the hollowed out apple.

3. Cap the bottom of the apple, and then fill the hollow center first with a bit of yogurt, then some cereal and cinnamon, and top it off with some more yogurt.

It's as easy as that. Other ingredients you might want to throw into your portable salad include chopped up pieces of other fruits—oranges, bananas, whatever—as well as peanut butter, chocolate chips, honey, chocolate or maple syrup, and cream cheese or bits of solid cheese. Try, for instance, peanut butter with cereal and a bit of chocolate syrup or cream cheese, banana and honey.

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