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Romana Gould is a teacher, author, and photographer. Her favorite hobby is spreading joy through photography. During the school day, Romana takes pictures of her students to share with their parents. At home, she takes pictures of her beautiful, funny cats to share with family and friends. Her greatest hope is to make others feel better through her photography and her words. She lives a happy, peaceful life with her pets and her loving husband.

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Daily Inspurrations
(hard cover)
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Here is the introduction from her book, Daily Inspurrations:

A cat is the picture of peace. Cats live a simple life in want of few things. They sit in silence for long periods of time, finding contentment in a simple ray of sunshine. They are accepting, forgiving, and faithful, and they spread love and laughter wherever they go. Cats are tiny models for how to live a life of joy. They are the embodiment of and inspurration for the sentiments in this book.

These uplifting messages, and the adorable cat photography that accompanies them, will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. Together they encourage you to focus on what truly matters, inspiring positive choices in how you treat yourself and others. This simple shift in purrspective can bring more happiness to each day and keep you moving on a path to a brighter tomorrow.

Inspiration literally means “to breathe in.” Just as oxygen refreshes your body, this book is meant to renew your mind and spirit and fill your heart with hope. So cuddle up with your favorite feline, take a deep breath, turn the page… and be inspired!

— Romana Gould
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