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Dr. Preston C. VanLoon is passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and organizations. He is a much sought-after motivational and inspirational speaker for conferences and retreats, both domestically and internationally, and provides daily “Forgive & Live” meditations on KNDR-FM radio in Mandan, ND. Dr. VanLoon has published curriculum and journal articles on a variety of topics including interpersonal forgiveness, which was the focus of his doctoral dissertation. He has served as a college professor, pastor, chaplain, and mental health counselor. His education includes a doctorate in educational psychology with a specialization in human development, two master’s degrees in Christian education and biblical studies, and additional graduate studies in special education.

His book, The Path to Forgiveness, is for those who are struggling with an unjust, painful experience and in need of healing and hope in their life. He takes his readers down “the path to forgiveness” one step at a time through a series of thought-provoking meditations that address different aspects of the forgiveness process.

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The Path to Forgiveness
(soft cover)
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Endorsements for The Path to Forgiveness

The Path to Forgiveness is a must-read and useful resource for those who experience interpersonal conflict and pain. In a very practical way, Preston VanLoon carefully leads the reader through the forgiveness process, from hurting to healing and hope.”
Harold G. Koenig, MD.
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Duke University Medical Center

“Carrying around the pain of past hurts can be a major burden that often seems unavoidable and impacts the quality of our lives. As a light into this darkness, Dr. VanLoon has given us a wonderful and very readable book that can be helpful no matter what our religious or spiritual beliefs or practices may be. There are words of great wisdom here from which all of us can benefit.”
Rev. George Handzo
Director of Health Services Research and Quality, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network

“We’ve all heard it said, you can’t help how you feel. But when it comes to forgiveness, what you can’t put behind you can cause you great pain. Preston VanLoon brings his considerable experience as a pastor, chaplain, and counselor to this book that offers practical advice about forgiving and then letting go so you can heal.”
Monica Hannan
Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist and author of Gift of Death: A Message of Comfort and Hope

“For those who struggle with forgiveness, meditating thoughtfully about it in light of God’s love can sometimes be a challenge. Finally, Preston VanLoon has given us a book that can guide us toward the freedom and blessing of forgiving!”
Everett L. Worthington, Jr.
Author of Forgiving and Reconciling: Bridges to Wholeness and Hope

“Preston VanLoon offers practical, thoughtful steps to help, hope, and heal through the power of forgiveness. He teaches individuals how to name the causes of unjust suffering and deal reflectively and honestly about their pain. Victims and caregivers can use this book to work through pain caused by someone else. It is a timely resource for people in the midst of difficult challenges.”
William D. Shiell, PhD
President and professor of Pastoral Theology and Preaching, Northern Seminary

"The devotional approach in The Path to Forgiveness sets it apart from other books on finding release from undeserved hurts. This book will serve as a practical guide for anyone who has not been able to find freedom from the emotional injuries of the past."
Doug Schmidt
Author of Slow Justice: How to Forgive the Arrogant and Remorseless
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