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Debra grew up in Hawaii, went to college and law school in Oklahoma, and raised kids and sheep (you read that right) in Seattle, Washington. Ten years ago, Debra moved to sunny Florida and became a school teacher and social media specialist in the Jacksonville area.

In 2010, Debra started her blog, The Warm Milk Journal. It is about living the life of your dreams by day and sleeping restfully at night. Debra was challenged with anxiety and insomnia issues for many years. Through writing, Debra has discovered her voice and found healing, and she has been able to help and inspire others with her insomnia tips, journal writing prompts, short morning prayers and verses, and positive living essays.

In 2015, Debra won Success Magazine's BlogStar contest, and The Warm Milk Journal© was recognized as one of the top personal development sites on the Internet. Debra is a contributing writer for Success Magazine and many other organizations.

Debra is very excited about her projects with Blue Mountain Arts and her continued efforts to help people get a good night’s sleep at The Warm Milk Journal. Additionally, Debra has begun to offer play shops for adult women in her community. When not working, Debra enjoys taking walks on the beach, reading, practicing yoga, spending time with her cats and husband, and planning her next adventure.

Debra is thrilled to share with you her first Blue Mountain Arts book. Her short morning (and bedtime) prayers continue to be one of the most popular types of post on her blog. Debra invites you to join her free Short Morning Prayer Club (in which a universal prayer delivered to your email every morning).

Examples of Blue Mountain Arts products by Debra DiPietro


Short Morning Prayers
(soft cover)
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And here is a poem from her book, Short Morning Prayers...

A Short Morning Prayer for a New Day

Dear God,

I welcome the new day.

May I not rush around so much that I
miss the beauty that is all around me.

May I thank one person today.

May I smile more than I frown.

May I think more loving thoughts
than self-defeating ones.

Thank you for this day!

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