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Rachel Snyder dances with words—and for decades has relied on the written and spoken word to inspire, encourage, comfort, entertain, and educate readers and audiences.

Regardless of what form her creativity takes, Rachel consistently communicates an upbeat and down-to-earth message, inviting people to embrace full-spectrum lives marked by joy, sadness, frustration, challenge, surrender, peace, and a continuing hunger to dig deep and spiritually evolve through the human experience.

Be Filled with Faith: Words of Well-Being to Strengthen Your Spirit
is her first book with Blue Mountain Arts. Her writings also appear on Blue Mountain Arts greeting cards, as well as in more than a dozen anthologies.

In addition, Rachel is the author of 365 Words of Well-Being for Women and its Barnes & Noble reprint version, Words of Wisdom for Women. Rachel’s other literary endeavors include her award-winning spiritual poetry, as well as an unpublished novella-length work of literary fiction.

A natural and dynamic speaker, Rachel has energized and encouraged groups of all sizes, facilitated workshops and seminars, and performed theatrically in both ensemble and solo settings. As a former journalist, advertising/marketing copywriter, publicly elected official, barn manager, housecleaner, inn sitter, community activist, and more, Rachel lives by the creed that it’s not what you do that’s important, it’s the spirit and energy you bring to every moment.

The mother of two children who can hardly be called children anymore, Rachel makes her home in a tiny rural community in the exquisite landscape of southeastern Colorado, surrounded by land and sky and more cows than people. Rachel offers up her unique brand of “intelligent inspiration” at, and she loves when visitors poke around the site at all hours of the day and night and leave friendly comments and questions.

Examples of Blue Mountain Arts products by Rachel Snyder

Thoughts of Life™ Cards

Son Remember That Rough around The

And here are some excerpts from Rachel’s book, Be Filled with Faith

Be Open

Faith will not pound on your door demanding to be let in. You must open your heart and do what you can to offer a most inviting invitation. When you allow yourself to be open, you tear down the walls that have kept you locked up in fear or despair. You fling open the gates and windows that have rusted shut. This tells faith that you are ready to embrace her with a hearty welcome, that you’re open to change in your life, that you want things richer and more satisfying, and that the old ways aren’t really working for you anymore. Let faith know that there’s a place for her in your days and nights and that you are prepared to believe in things unseen and remarkable.

Be Unafraid of Your Fears

Don’t be surprised if you are beset by fears at the very same time you commit to living with faith. Fear shows up in a multitude of disguises. You will fear that you look foolish, that you are being led astray, that people are laughing at you. You might fear failure or success, change or stagnation. On some level, you may even fear creating a life of greater love and happiness. Anything that’s new or unfamiliar or has the potential to transform your ways of being can bring up fear. However, fears usually live in your imagination and are not nearly as frightening as you think.


Faith asks you to believe in things you can’t quite wrap your brain around. Do you truly believe that your situation can improve? Are you willing to believe that you can create more of your dreams and desires? Will you allow yourself to believe that no matter what the past has been, your future can be decidedly different? Believe that wonderful things are coming your way, and you are that much closer to creating them. Believe that unlimited support waits for you around every corner, and you are more likely to receive it.… Believe that you deserve to be loved, to be valued, to be happy. When you let yourself believe in the power of faith, faith will believe in you.

Be Inspired and Inspiring

When you fill yourself up with faith, you may be astounded at how others will respond to you. Even as you turn to uplifting art, music, books, service, and community for spiritual nourishment, your steps will enliven and inspire those around you. You won’t need to do or explain a thing. You will emit a refreshing vibrancy, and without even trying, you will be noticed…. By simply embodying greater degrees of faith and a newfound strength of spirit, you do your part to help transform the world. It’s not your job to inspire others, but it just may become one of your greatest joys.

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