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Poetry Contest Winners :: Thirty-first Contest :: Third Place Winner


by Tyler Wehner
I took a step.
A step that felt as heavy
As the rain that pattered like tiny footsteps,
That chilled
My skin to the touch.
Beneath my feet sticks
Cracked like fire
That warmed my shoulders.

Another step.
It was colder, bitter really.
My eyes darted to the left.
Then to the right.
The rain had turned to snow, white
Feathers floating down
From the dark sky.

I took a third step,
Hesitating as I held my breath.
The cold air stung my lungs, and sudden
As a blink, I felt warm.
It was a soft, comfortable warmth
Like coming home with the fireplace on.
That nostalgic feeling of comfort as if
My mother blessed me with a hug.

It wasn’t the kind that made you
Shiver. It was relaxing like the trees
That swayed in the wind. Leaning
Towards each other as if they were in love.

Another step.
The birds were singing to me
As if they were telling me a
Story. I listened like they were my friends.
The song that I could write myself.
It was comforting, even as snowflakes
Balanced on my arms.
A fervent feeling that only I
Could experience at this moment.

And with my last step
The sky opened and the sun
Looked down on me impassioned.

And with that, I wrote my poem.

About the Author
“I’m Tyler and I have been writing for quite a few years. I am from Muskegon, Michigan, and I am also a novelist, as well as a poet.”

Second Place WinnerHonorable Mention
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