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Poetry Contest Winners :: Thirty-third Contest :: Third Place Winner

writer’s love

by Sasha Vengarick
people always talk about writer’s block
they talk about what it feels like to be a writer
not knowing what letters to form into words

but they never talk about writer’s love
about how a writer observes every building
every person smiling when they walk down the sidewalk
under yellow autumn leaves and behind a bright shiny smile
wondering what made them so full of glee
they never talk about what it’s like
to be loved by a writer
by someone who traces their fingers over your cheeks before they press their lips against yours
by someone who looks into your eyes when you talk
never missing a single detail because they want to capture it all
they never talk about what it’s like to love someone when you’re a writer
when they clasp their hand within yours
when they wrap their arms around your body
when they run their fingers through your hair
when they lie their head on your chest
all you can think about is how you’ll put the feeling into words
how you can write about it
you think about every adjective and noun that can describe how they make you feel like you’re the yellow leaves dancing in the sky on an October evening
just by their hand grazing over your skin

they never talk about what it’s like
to be in love with a writer
but once a writer falls in love with you
when you get close
even if you don’t get close at all
they’ll turn you into poetry
into stories
and even novels
so be careful
when you’re loved by a writer
you’re loved for eternity

About the Author
I’m just a young woman who aspires to have her own poetry collection as well as novels published someday. To see more of my poetic work, my Instagram handle is sweettextpoetry!
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