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Blue Mountain Arts

Poetry Contest Winners :: Twenty-fifth Contest :: Third Place Winner


by Sanober Khan
Who says poetry
is not tangible…

I, for one, have rested
my drowsy head…upon its
moon-versed pillow

I have pressed its warm hand
against the winter
of my cheeks, I have walked

beside it, too, its presence like a secret
song in my hair, in the middle
of a crowded street

have tasted it in whipped
butterscotch of clouds

felt it bubble over the
tiny glass of my own
happy laugh

i have played with its dangling
crystal earrings of rain…
lit by a 5 pm sun

i have sat down…beside it
gazing wistfully out at the
ageing sea

used its rare essence
to flavor my tea…and my temper
my touches…
my kisses…

waved its magic wand
to stop time in its tracks
and carried it around….
like riches in my pocket

i have waltzed and whirled,
swum from heaven to heaven
floated in and out of my body

been kissed…full
on my soul’s lips…
all the while sitting

in a coffee shop, amid
unsuspecting strangers.

Dedicated to the true-blue poetry lovers.
Second Place Winner
Blue Mountain Arts