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Minx Boren is a master certified coach credentialed through the International Coach Federation. Because of her chosen vocation and calling, Minx is always inquiring into what gives LIFE to life, what awakens our creativity and passion, our dreams and resourcefulness, and our will and willingness to do the next best thing. Her writings are the outpourings of both her outward questioning and inner journeying.

Coaching is a process of inquiry and one of Minx's favorite first questions is: When was the last time you gave yourself your undivided attention? Now more than ever, as life seems to get busier and more demanding, we each need to find quiet time to reflect on our circumstances and connect with our wise inner voice. As a coach as well as an author, poet, columnist, motivational speaker, and workshop facilitator, Minx is always seeking ways to encourage her audiences to find their own path to a joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

For more than twenty years, Minx has been developing and presenting innovative programs that support health and balance, creativity and effectiveness, and reflection and achievement. She is the founder of Coach Minx Inc., a founding coach of, and a coach for the Minx is committed to inspiring people to discover optimistic approaches to personal fulfillment and well-being. Her innovative work in the fields of health, nutrition, self-awareness, and relationships has shown that when you create time and space for whatever it is you are searching or longing for, you can purposefully affect the quality of your days and, by extension, your life.

With her books, Coach Minx, as she is affectionately known, explores the power and capacity we each have to rise to the challenges we face—whether they are financial, physical, or emotional. She shares what she has learned from years of delving into her own values and beliefs… that hope happens when you choose to focus your attention on what is possible and that happiness grows when you decide to do more of the things that bring you joy. Through her reflective essays and poems, she emboldens each of us to confront our fears, make wise choices, be present in every moment, and accept offers of kindness and support along the way.

To find out more about Minx’s work, achievements, awards, and contributions to community, visit her website:

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Healing Is a Journey
(soft cover)
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Friendship Is a Journey
(soft cover)
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And here the introduction from the book, Healing Is a Journey…


In every life there will be joys and sorrows. The question becomes how to savor each of the joys and navigate our way through the sorrows that must be faced. The answer lies in our capacity to respond to all that life brings with composure, authenticity, courage, resilience, and resourcefulness.
Composure means staying calm and levelheaded in the midst of the inevitable storms that rise, swell, and then subside throughout the journey of a single life. Authenticity requires that we each find our own path, our own unique ways of being and doing what is ours to do. Yes, of course, it is helpful to learn from what others have done in challenging times, but ultimately, we must each choose our own path toward healing and wellness. Courage becomes available when we make those choices based on that which we are fervently drawn toward, value, and hold dear. Resilience and resourcefulness involve our ability to draw upon our readiness and our will to do the next best thing… and then the next.
Even in the midst of a crisis, whether of body, mind, or spirit, there is something within that guides us and gives us the strength and determination to heal in the fullest sense of the word, which is to become whole. Taking time and making space to know oneself—and to make choices from that awareness—is the first and best gift toward healing that we can give ourselves. Knee-jerk reactions and decisions that come from fear interfere with accessing our own truths and deep wisdom, which are at the core of finding our way to true well-being and a fulfilling life.
Since you are holding this book in your hands, my hope and intention, dear reader, is that you will use it as a guide on your own personal healing journey. With this in mind, I invite you to find your own best way to meander through this book, whether that means reading it from cover to cover or opening it to a random page when you are seeking inspiration, noticing both what is written and your own response.
However you decide to embark, I wish you good travels.
In the spirit and adventure of it all,
Minx Boren
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