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Poetry Contest Winners :: Second Contest :: Third Place Winner

Moments of Me

by Megan Browne Eberhardt
Moments that make me,
Precious passages of time.
Crooked fence posts
Which line Grandma's drive,
Like the bold memories
Etched in my heart.
How is it that I
Am wife and mother,
When it was just me,
Perched on wicker,
Watching Grandma,
Spreading flour over cool counters,
Relishing the sound of her cracking egg.
Or laced into the lap of Mom,
Weaving wide-eyed adventures of words.
Yes, it is me,
Guiding the blur of morning activity,
As my little one pads into the kitchen.
Scraping plastic-footed pajamas across the tile
To snuggle against my red robe.
Swishing through motions of motherhood,
Clatter of forks on dishes,
Clamor of family, my morning music.
Perching egg above bowl's rim, about to crack,
Glancing to see if my own child is watching.
Second Place Winner
Blue Mountain Arts