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by Rebecca Sterner
you have become a part of my life
the part I have been dreaming of
I think I prayed for you to come
but wasn't quite prepared
for the reality
You slipped through my defenses
and dodged my thorns
to the rose petals of my heart
that welcomed you
Your sincerity and thoughtfulness
are new to me
I've tried to read the tiny print
but I can't find the catch
I try to keep myself on guard
When you touch my face that way
so gentle
as if I'll break
I melt
and I want to let go
I want to jump off the edge of caution
and breathe
and not question
I didn't think someone like you existed
outside of my hopes
but you're standing in front of me
You're holding my hand
and while I wasn't looking
you touched my heart
and I hear you whisper
It's okay to jump
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