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Poetry Contest Winners :: Third Contest :: Third Place Winner

Birthday Wishes Blowing in the Wind

by Anne O'Hearn

Remember when we were young
blowing dandelion fluff from long stems
and making wishes come true
if only in our minds
thinking that time would never change
and our happy childhood would remain
forever adolescent dreams
taking shape and filling our hearts
with warm thoughts of tomorrow
and sweet memories of yesterday

I still remember those carefree days
where time stood still for us
our birthdays were filled with excitement
for we were finally growing up
new experiences were ours for the taking
adventures were always just around the corner
and through all those times
we stood together as a spirited team
seeing each other through happiness and pain
and living the dreams of each other

We may be older and wiser now
and wishes are focused on reality
some of our dreams have been met
yet others remain silently tucked away
but never forgotten
so when you blow out your candles today
I want you to uncover one special wish
you made many years ago
hold out your hands and blow that wish to the wind
together we can make it come true.

Second Place Winner
Blue Mountain Arts