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Poetry Contest Winners :: Thirty-fourth Contest :: Honorable Mention

Where all guards drop

by Ameya Wordsmith

Your name
I can do without
But do tell me
About that person
Who was kind to you
When the world hurt
Share a picture
Of the thought
When tears welled
In your eyes
Tell me when you
Last smiled at a kid
Or how rich you felt
When you forgave someone
You had the power to hurt
Rip your heart inside out
Spread it on your sleeve
Like an autobiography
And take me to the page
Where all guards drop

About the Author:
Besides being a poet, Ameya is a crazy reader and a besotted collector of books. Someday he intends to read all the books he hoards. He is also an etymologist and you can find him digging deep for word roots in the backyard of language.

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