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Poetry Contest Winners :: Twenty-eighth Contest :: Second Place Winner

The World Is Dancing

by Frances Fay
Sit here in the tall grass with me
let me show you how it feels
to be looked at
to lose oneself
in another's eyes
and little by little feel laughter
rise from your belly again.

And all the while
birds and butterflies are floating around
and even a red fox — look!
is sauntering among the wild grasses
her long tail with a white tip
like a painting brush across the greenery
and the aery fingers of the wind
blowing on the ruby cheeks of the earth
as we sit down and listen.

In the distance a rumbling engine
a croaking crow
a man and a woman exchanging a few remarks

the world is dancing all the time
a spinning dervish in awe
before the beloved.

And you
have you learned the steps of the dance?
Have you found its rhythm?

Here, give me your hands
let me show you
how to dance.

A light step forward:
learn to unburden your heart
at the well of wisdom

Here is the secret:
all in life is change
learn to dance at its pace.

A long spiraling dancing hall
with turns and twists of joy and sorrow.

Can't you see you're invited to the ball?

We only learn joy after sorrow
we only learn to live by dancing
till our shoes are worn out
till our hands play with the stars.

About the Author
Frances Fay is the pen name of a writer based in Italy. After living in Scotland for a few years, she went back to Italy where she has been teaching Italian and English as Foreign Languages. Frances has been writing poetry since the age of seven. She also writes stories in English at, to inspire and to uplift.
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